Belarus Nigeria Visa: Requirements and Application Process


Belarus is a beautiful country with natural woods, lovely villages, and a warm culture that welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. However, before one can visit Belarus, a visa must be obtained, and this is where this article comes in.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to obtain a Belarus visa with a Nigerian passport. It also outlines the different types of visas available for those traveling to Belarus and the necessary requirements to obtain them. Whether one is a tourist, visitor, or business traveler, this article aims to provide all the information needed to make the visa application process as smooth as possible.

Types of Visa

1. Students Visa

The Student Visa is intended for Nigerians who want to study at any university or institution in Belarus. This visa is valid for one year and can be renewed as long as the student is still studying in the country.

2. Travel Visa

The Travel Visa, also known as a Type C Visa, is for visitors who are entering Belarus for tourism or to visit family and friends. This visa is valid for 90 days.

3. Business Visa

The Business Visa is for people who are travelling to Belarus for business purposes such as attending business meetings, conferences, seminars, and more. This visa is also valid for 90 days.

To obtain any of the visas mentioned above, there are general requirements that must be met.

Requirements for Belarus Visa for Nigerians

To be granted a visa to Belarus, there are certain requirements that must be met. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the possibility of not being granted a visa. Some of the general requirements needed for a Belarus visa for Nigerians are listed below:

  • A valid international passport with at least two valid pages left and has not or is about to expire.

  • A passport photograph showing your full face and staring facial expressions. Glasses are allowed if they will not cover or prevent your face from showing.

  • A photocopy of previous visas, if any, must be submitted along with all the required documents.

  • A photocopy of the passport data sheet, where your photo is located.

  • A letter stating the reason for your visit to Belarus. The letter should include your date of going and should be returned if you are going for a short term.

  • A copy of your flight ticket, number, and time of departure.

  • Health insurance is very important, and you will be required to have a copy of it.

  • If you are married, you must provide your marriage certificate.

  • All necessary documents, such as your birth certificate and other important documents, must be complete.

  • If your application is not made in your country, you must prove that you are legally staying in the said country.

  • You must show an account balance that is big enough to cover the period you are going to stay in Belarus.

  • If you are going to Belarus as a business person, you must present your company certificate of registration.

  • If you are going to Belarus as a worker, you must be able to show your letter of employment.

  • If you are a retired worker, you must show your retirement fund.

  • You must pay for your application fee through the embassy or bank order or any other means provided by the embassy.

If you can successfully fulfil these requirements, you are one step ahead of getting your visa.

How to Apply for Belarus Visa for Nigerians

Although the embassy did not provide any online platform for those that want to make payments and sell forms online, you can still go to their office. The embassy has branches in Abuja and Lagos. The contact details of these branches are:

Abuja Branch

  • Address: 1866, Deng Xiaoping Street, Plot 2148, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

  • Phone: (+234) 962 332 10 / 1 (+234) 809 234 9576 / 902 692 8842

  • Website:

  • Email: [email protected]

Lagos Branch

  • Address: Plot 662, Bello Aromire Street, Omole Estate, Phase 2, Lagos, Nigeria

  • Phone number: +234) 80-9-992-6480

  • Email: [email protected]


How long does it take to obtain a Belarus Visa?

The process of obtaining a Belarus Visa usually takes up to 2 weeks. Although some may claim to have their Visa ready in 2 to 3 days, it is recommended to allow sufficient time for processing.

Can one obtain a Visa on Arrival in Belarus?

No, Belarus does not offer Visa on Arrival services. To work, study, or engage in any activity in Belarus, one must apply and obtain their Visa prior to their arrival in the country.

How long is the flight from Nigeria to Belarus?

The flight duration from Nigeria to Belarus is approximately 13 hours.

What is the cost of a Belarus Visa?

The cost of a Belarus Visa may vary depending on the country of origin. However, the minimum price for a Belarus Visa is $68. It is important to note that flight tickets to Belarus may cost around $1,500 to $2,000.

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